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May 012019

Around the world, May Day 2019 will be celebrated as a day of struggle for labour rights, peace, democracy, solidarity and environmental sustainability. May First will also honour the 100th anniversary of the historic Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. But at the same time, the enemies of the working class are dragging the world towards war, fascism and climate tastrophe, and a critil federal election is just months away in nada. Continue reading »

May 012019

Dans le monde entier, le 1er mai 2019 sera ce?le?bre? comme une journe?e de lutte pour les droits des travailleur-euse-s, la paix, la de?mocratie, la solidarite? et la durabilite? environnementale. Le 1er mai comme?morera e?galement le 100ie?me anniversaire de l’historique gre?ve ge?ne?rale de Winnipeg, en 1919. Mais en me?me temps, les ennemis de la classe ouvrie?re sont en train d’entrai?ner le monde dans la guerre, le fascisme et vers la tastrophe climatique, tandis que des e?lections fe?de?rales cruciales auront lieu dans quelques mois au nada.

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Mar 062019

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day in 2019, by honouring women around the world who have stood up to the resurgence of a patriarchal, alt-right, fascist movement with courage, integrity, wisdom and expertise. Let’s celebrate the courage of these women who have confronted the right-wing resurgence in Latin Ameri, the rampant misogyny and o